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At the Injury Law Center of Boise, we take pride in representing individuals who have suffered injuries in car accidents, workplace accidents, property liability accidents and many more in Boise and all across Idaho. Our mission in each and every case is to provide our clients with the utmost level of legal representation so that a maximum level of financial compensation is received. Our lawyers will provide you with years of experience in the field of injury law, including truck crashes, pedestrian and bicycle collisions, car accidents and many others. Our attorneys will travel anywhere within Idaho to provide victims with expert legal consultation regarding their case. All case reviews are provided by our lawyers free of charge.

Why Should You Hire an Accident Attorney?

The best reason to hire an accident lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit is because insurance companies are unlikely to just hand you the amount you deserve. Naturally, their main goal is to maximize their profits. This means they have an incentive to pay you as little as possible and get you to sign a liability release form, which will bar you from further recovery. However, the little amounts that these companies offer are rarely enough to cover your medical bills, let alone other monetary damages such as lost wages and pain & suffering.

Therefore, hiring an experienced lawyer who specializes in accident litigation is in your best interest. We are experienced in litigating all kinds of accidents, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. Our team of dedicated accident attorneys will guide you through the legal process every step of the way. Contact us today to consult with us for free, with absolutely no obligation.

Recent ILC of Boise Success Stories

Auto Accident/Property Damage

$400,000 – Insurance Settlement

Wrongful Death/Auto Accident

Undisclosed Settlement Amount

Auto Accident

$100,000 – Insurance Settlement

Auto Accident

$200,000 – Insurance Settlement

Why Choose Us – Attorneys Fighting for the Rights of the Injured

We will win or you don’t pay. It’s that simple. We understand that you have already been through a lot and to make your life easier, we offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation to review your case. Next, we will discuss your options. Results are GUARANTEED. If we take your case, we will get paid only when you do. We will win, or you owe us nothing.

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Our lawyers will fight for your right to compensation against insurance companies and defendants for all your damages including:

1. Medical bills – Hospitalization costs
2. Future medical care
3. Loss of earnings
4. Pain and suffering
5. Emotional distress

When you are involved in an accident and suffer damages, you are legally entitled to be compensated by the negligent and responsible parties, or their insurance carriers. If you miss work, you will also be entitled to be compensated for lost income. If you stayed at the hospital and had medical bills, then you will be compensated for your medical expenses as well. It is the insurance carrier’s ethical duty to pay you for any and all damage that you sustained.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry does not operate based on ethics. Most insurance adjusters are trained to ask you questions that are designed to trick you, so they can legally eliminate or significantly reduce their debt to you. The most important advice that we give our clients is to never speak to the other party or their insurance carrier. Let us handle that part. Remember, our consultations are always free, and when we take a case, we do not charge our clients a penny until our client wins and receives payment. If you don’t win, then we don’t get paid. That’s how confident we are in our expertise. Call us now to speak to an accident lawyer here in Boise immediately.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Slips & Falls

Slips & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are a serious source to personal injury that can happen almost anywhere. The risk of injuring yourself can happen in a public place such as a park, store, sidewalk or even on another person’s private property. These types of accidents are primarily the result of wet, uneven, or messy floors. The risk of a slip and fall accident may be more common than many may think with over 20,000 of them occurring each year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Contact our expert slip and fall accident attorneys at Injury Law Center of Boise today if you have been the victim of one of these types of accidents.


Slip and fall accidents fall under a section of tort law known as premises liability, meaning that the owner or maintainer needs to keep an area safe to those that may visit or frequently come to the property. Failure to maintain a safe area can result in slip and fall accidents, of which the owner of the property or lot may be responsible for. Examples of unsafe conditions that cause slip and fall accidents, but not limited to, are:

  • Unmarked, Wet Floors
  • Rubbish Left of Floors
  • Uneven Sidewalks
  • Loose Carpeting
  • Uneven Stairs
  • Faulty Handrails
  • Exposed Hoses or Wires

These types of accidents can literally occur at any place at any time. It is important to document as much of the scene as possible after your injury. Speak to witnesses if possible, and take photos of the conditions of the area. Once you are able to, contact our law office as soon as possible to start the process of filing your claim against the negligent party liable.

Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Despite the recent safety features of most modern day vehicles, victims involved in auto accidents still face a very scary and critical danger, which is the risk of severe personal injury or wrongful death. If you or someone close to you has been injured in a car accident then our expert auto accident lawyers can help. Seek the service of one of the professionals here at the law office of the Injury Law Center of Boise today.


Just how common are car accidents in the state of Idaho and what are the potential injuries? Some of the statistics may surprise you. According to Idaho Transportation Department, in 2011 there were a total of 20,833 automobile accidents in the state of Idaho. The severity of an injury caused by a negligent driver can vary. However, in recent times the experienced auto accident lawyers at our law firm have successfully represented automobile accident victims who suffered:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Broken or Fractured Limbs
  • Burn Injuries
  • Wrongful Death

Sadly, a great number of car accidents do in fact end fatally. Due to this, if you have lost a loved one, itis vital that you contact our expert wrongful death car accident attorneys as soon as possible. In many cases a successful claim of wrongful death against the responsible party is the only way to recovery financially from this type of accident.


While many aspects of irresponsible or unsafe driving contribute to the total number of auto accidents residents of Idaho see each year, a number do cause significantly more than others. Data collected by the Idaho Transportation Department shows that the top contributors to all accidents in the state are:

  • Inattentive Driving
  • Failing to yield the right of way
  • Following too close
  • Speed

Not strictly limited to accidents caused by these factors, our law firm handles a wide variety of personal injury type cases stemming from car accidents of any nature. If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person in a car accident, contact our top auto accident lawyers today. Together we can seek a financial compensation figure that meets your needs as a victim and can continue to provide for your, long after this ordeal is over.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

One of the hardest times that a family can face is losing someone they love. When a life is ended too soon, as the result of negligence, then this can be very difficult to handle. Most likely this is an emotionally hard time for you and your family and the thought of pursuing a wrongful death case against the party responsible may not even cross your mind. Here at Injury Law Center of Boise our compassionate wrongful death attorneys are here for you when you are ready to discuss the specifics of your case. Our knowledgeable wrongful death lawyers have the experience and dedication needed to seek the justice that your family deserves after this tragic accident.


In many cases, the same types of accidents or events that can cause typical personal injury have the potential to be more disastrous and cause a wrongful death. Our experienced wrongful death lawyers have successfully represented the families of victims who lost a loved one due to:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Boating Accidents
  • And Many More…

While there is no value that can bring back a lost loved one, the compensation awarded to a family after a wrongful death case can lessen many of the bills associated with the loss. Family members each have a right to file a claim of wrongful death against the negligent party responsible. The family of the victim can seek compensation for some of the following after losing a loved one due to the negligence of another person which include; medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of wages, loss of benefits and future gains. We realize that this is likely a difficulty situation for you and possibly your family and are here for you. If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, contact our seasoned wrongful death lawyers today. Together we can seek a financial compensation figure that meets your needs as a victim and can continue to provide for you, long after this ordeal is over.

Slips & Falls

Auto Accidents

Wrongful Death